Friendly folks

There is a grounded reason as to why The Gambia obtained the nickname, ‘smiling coast’. It is due to its incredible kind, warm and hospitable people.
Undoubtedly at some point during your stay you will receive an invitation to a ‘compound’. A visit to this collection of accommodations situated around a main residence and occupied by an extended family, will give you a beautiful insight to the local way of life, and the chance, most probably, to try a homemade local Gambian dish.
Though the population is small at not more than 2 million, The Gambia is one of the most populated countries in Africa. The main ethnic group is the Mandinka, others include Fulas, Wolofs, Jolas, Serrahulis, Majagoes, Serrere and Akus. Each has their own language, customs and cultures. There are also a large number of Lebanese, Chinese, Indian and European inhabitants.